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Rajant Kinetic Mesh

Wireless Mesh Networks

Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks are unlike any other wireless mesh system on the market today. Offering fully mobile broadband connectivity that is simple, instantaneous and fail-proof in any application, Kinetic Mesh gives you a resilient mesh network solution that moves and evolves with your connectivity demands.

How Does It Work?

Using a combination of BreadCrumb wireless network nodes and InstaMesh network software, Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks employ any-node to any-node capabilities to continuously and instantaneously route data via the best traffic path and frequency - regardless of the number of nodes, all with extremely low overhead.

Rajant BreadCrumbs can communicate with any Wi-Fi or Ethernet-connected device to deliver low-latency, high-throughput, data, voice and video applications across the meshed, self-healing network.

5 Benefits of the Kinetic Mesh Network

- Total Mobility: Each node in a Kinetic Mesh network can act independently with full-routing capabilities, making it a truly mobile peer-to-peer network.

- Proven Resilience: With no single point of failure and self-healing capabilities, Kinetic Mesh networks guarantee the availability of your critical applications.

- Maximum Bandwidth Utilization: Kinetic Mesh networks make use of all installed radios to dynamically route wireless and wired connections over the best available links.

- Rapid Scalability: While the performance of a traditional mesh network degrades as more nodes are added, the resilience of Kinetic Mesh networks increases with each additional node while maintaining the same level of performance.

- Extreme Ruggedness and Security: Born from military and mining applications, the outdoor mesh network withstands the harshest conditions and supports AES-CCMP and TKIP encryption with configurable per-hop and per-packet authentication.

This combination of technical features gives Kinetic Mesh networks the adaptability, flexibility, intelligence and mobility needed to help organizations in all industries improve operational effectiveness, enhance quality, drive productivity, and generate increased ROI.

BreadCrumb Wireless Network Nodes

Highly functionality, easy-to-install BreadCrumb nodes form Kinetic Mesh industrial wireless infrastructure. They work in concert with InstaMesh to enable voice, video and data communications that operate over a common mesh infrastructure. Hundreds of nodes can be quickly linked, self-configuring as part of a fully mobile, high-bandwidth industrial Wi-Fi network.

Key BreadCrumb Functionality

Provides Ethernet and industrial Wi-Fi access point interfaces to enable data, voice and video applications.

Enable any-node to any-node communication - no static controller, no single point of failure.

Access to 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz and additional licensed and unlicensed frequencies.

Built for extreme environments and conditions - most ruggedized enclosure, IP67 and MIL-STD-810G rated.

Provides configurable per-hop and per-packet data authentication, and supports strong cryptographic options used for data encryption.

Scales seamlessly to connect any number of nodes within the Kinetic Mesh network infrastructure.

BreadCrumb Products













Rajant InstaMesh

Kinetic Mesh networks utilize Rajant's patented peer-to-peer InstaMesh networking technology to perform real-time evaluation and direct traffic via the fastest pathways between any wired, wireless or in-motion points.

InstaMesh is able to dynamically optimize performance as network characteristics change, whether nodes are added or subtracted, frequencies are opened or blocked, or the assets it connects are moved over large areas. When a user changes, moves or disables a device in the network, that change only needs to be managed locally, not propagated throughout the network.

As a complete distributed protocol, InstaMesh responds rapidly to network topology changes to ensure robust fault tolerance, high throughput and low latency.

Enables the Kinetic Mesh Network's Full Mobility

Unlike traditional meshing technologies, which rely on a single stationary controller node to manage decisions across the network, every node in the Kinetic Mesh network can act independently. The InstaMesh protocol seamlessly networks fixed, wireless and mobile nodes together and will dynamically redirect traffic between the best available points if any one peer is compromised or obstructed.

This self-healing capability not only provides for no single point of failure, but the fault-tolerant network's nodes can seamlessly switch between radio frequencies based on best-path analysis at the node level.

Makes Real-Time Decisions on a Packet by Packet Basis

InstaMesh always prefers the fastest path to any destination based on the state of the network at the time the packet is to be transmitted. By analyzing every packet that passes through it, each node constantly learns and re-evaluates the best link to use for each destination in real time.

This approach enables the Kinetic Mesh network to make extremely rapid decisions and react immediately to changing network conditions, without consuming excessive bandwidth for overhead messages.

Provides Proprietary Advantage but is Standards Aligned

While InstaMesh leverages a proprietary algorithm, it is fully compatible with 802.11 standards. The protocol sends packets on Layer 2. If your voice, video and data communications can be sent over Ethernet, they can be sent over the Kinetic Mesh network.

Cambium Networks is one of the world's leading providers of wireless infrastructure for business and residential broadband, and Wi-Fi. Their solutions offer network operators in education, healthcare, industrial campuses, municipalities and more, the opportunity to economically optimize broadband and Wi-Fi performances.

Outdoor Wireless for Private Networks

First-class connectivity doesn't have to be confined indoors. Cambium Networks' comprehensive suite of solutions provides site-wide connectivity for total control of wireless infrastructure, allowing businesses to focus on their core mission.

Cambium Networks' portfolio of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions provides reliable and secure connectivity with high throughput and low latency. It offers complete end-to-end monitoring and cloud management, enabling lean and efficient IT initiatives.


- Easy-to-install fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions enable sites to be covered with high-capacity connectivity.

- IT tools make it easy to plan coverage and capacity.

- Centralized cloud management optimized the entire wireless network.


- Enables you to go from covering a single office to covering an entire site.

- Easy to increase capacity in line with end-user demand.


- Deploy connectivity at a fraction of the cost and time required to install a fibre optic trench.

- Reliable equipment reduces maintenance costs and supports IT teams.

Point-to-Point Wireless Broadband Solution

Backhaul links are the vital infrastructure that connects the network. Cambium Networks' licensed and unlicensed point-to-point (PTP) solutions provide the reliability that is essential when network demand is high, regardless of the conditions.


Cambium Networks' solutions are designed with industry-leading throughput and spectral efficiency in mind.

- Network infrastructure: Whether it’s for a business campus, multiple government offices, a fibre network, or a backbone for a network providing residential access, PTP links provide high-capacity throughout to bring connectivity to a new location.

- Mobile wireless backhaul: With small form-factors, precise timing protocols, and all-outdoor deployment models, PTP links can provide connectivity to small cell and macro infrastructure to add capacity or to fill coverage gaps.

- Leased line replacement: PTP links are ideal to eliminate the recurring costs of leased circuits, often providing an ROI in only a few months. Links can be created to provide primary or backup service.

- Disaster recovery: Communications are vital in the wake of a disaster. When land line communications are wiped out, PTP links can be rapidly deployed to provide video, voice, and data services to support recovery teams and families in need.

The Cambium Difference

Our innovative solutions provide reliable, secure, cost-effective connectivity that is easy to deploy and built to last. PTP backhaul solutions provide proven reliability and performance, even in the most demanding environments. Solutions come with a variety of features so that you can build the network to meet your needs.

- Exploiting unique Line of Sight (LOS) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology in the licensed spectrum PTP 820 product, with modulation up to 2048 QAM and wider channel bandwidth, ensures industry-leading throughput and spectral efficiency.

- Dual-core functionality in PTP 820C enables the system to operate up to 2 Gbps via software upgrade, eliminating the need for future forklift upgrades or major system overhaul by the network operator to deliver gigabit-plus capacity.

- Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO) – is a unique capability offered by Cambium Networks in our PTP 670 and PTP 700 products that automatically samples and changes channels to avoid interference without affecting link service.

- Spectral Efficiency – Spectrum is scarce, and wide channels are hard to find. Our PTP solutions provide the highest throughput in the minimum amount of spectrum.

- Total Cost of Ownership – Run your network for less with an IP-based wireless solution that comprises licensed and unlicensed backhaul and access components, rapidly deployed and reliable, with minimal maintenance cost.

- Sustainability – Trust solutions designed to operate for years from a supplier with a proven track record of stability and sustainable product evolution. With analytics working in the background, the customer experiences the highest throughput and lowest latency

- Industry Certifications – Our PTP solutions are agency vetted for security and carry the following industry certifications: ATEX/HAZLOC, FIPS 140-2 Validation, IP66/IP67

Wireless and Ethernet Point-to-Point Backhaul Solutions

Cambium Networks’ proven point-to-point (PTP) series solutions are deployed worldwide, serving highly critical applications in formidable environments for the world’s most demanding users. With best-in-class real-world performance and FIPS 140-2 approved security available for government and military applications, the PTP series is your connection to what matters, no matter what.


CnWave v30000

ePMP Force 425



PTP 550

PTP 670

Point-to-multipoint Fixed Wireless Broadband

Network operators all face similar challenges: the need to provide a highly reliable service with ever-increasing capacity and serving more subscribers in extremely challenging environments. Operators need the ability to cost effectively deploy these point-to-multipoint (PtMP) fixed wireless networks across a wide range of scenarios.

To address the multitude of deployment scenarios, frequencies and budgets, Cambium Networks offers purpose-built point-to-multipoint broadband access solutions across four distinct platforms.

PMP 450

The PMP 450 platform has proven to be the most scalable and highest capacity multipoint platform on the market. Featuring massive MU-MIMO and beamforming along with a host of advanced features, PMP 450 is the best choice of the most demanding operators, and is now available for use in CBRS.


The ePMP platform has set the standard for high performance, scalability and reliability at a compelling price. ePMP is the only platform in its class offering MU-MIMO and frequency re-use along with Cambium Networks' refined bandwidth scheduler and advanced software features.


The cnRanger Fixed LTE wireless platform from Cambium Networks substantially increases range and coverage, while reducing the cost and complexity typically associated with LTE networks.


CnWave multi-gigabit fixed wireless provides fibre speeds without the time and cost associated with trenching. Rapidly provide for business and residential connectivity, campus area networks and Wi-Fi or small cell backhaul using mmWave technology.

Aviat Networks is an expert in wireless transmission solutions for industrial and mission-critical applications and now offers the solutions formerly marketed by Redline Communications since their acquisition in 2022. Aviat enables businesses to be transformed through the implementation of a secure fixed or nomadic private network or a secure private LTE network offering true mobility.


The unrivalled power of Aviat Networks sends more mission-critical data, further and faster, streamlining operations and reducing costs.


An unlimited number of applications, regardless of their requirements, all on a remarkably efficient and cost-effective network.


For mission-critical wireless, downtime is not an option. Thanks to Aviat Networks' robust and resilient solution, replacing faulty radios is a thing of the past.

Private LTE Platform

Aviat Networks' industrial grade private LTE platform, combined with Aviat's wireless transport, is the most affordable and reliable LTE solution for small industrial and rural deployments. The smaller footprint combined with lower costs enables network operators to innovate and deliver broadband access in the world's most challenging environments.

The platform's compact design, robust hardware and EPC scalability enable the rapid deployment of high-capacity networks while reducing overall operational costs. It enables networks to serve the most remote sites and deliver essential services in challenging environments.

Aviat's private LTE solution combines industry-leading microwave backhauls, all-outdoor industrial RDL 6000 and Aviat Core technology to provide a low-cost mission-critical LTE.

Reliable LTE Coverage to your Most Remote Locations

All-outdoor hardened design and no indoor modules that require power and shelter. No moving fans, coolers, or heaters required for -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F) operation.

Standard transmit powerd or high-power options allow the right price/performance for each project.

Lower power consumption permits using solar or other alternative power source when off the grid.

Small and lightweight allows eNodeB to be installed with limited infrastructure.

Many LTE frequency bands means the solution can be deployed internationally.

Hazardous location ready allows eNodeB to be installed where mobile device coverage is optimized, even in harzadous areas.

Seamless EPC interoperability means seamless mapping to third party EPC modules and applications servers.

Trusted Aviat Network reliability means robust LTE connectivity under any environmental conditions, for many years to come, without maintenance.

Entrust your project to the real specialists!