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Make the most of safety with an emergency siren in the event of a disaster.

In the event of a major accident involving a toxic substance, the use of an outdoor warning siren is one of the most effective means of risk communication. Groupe CLR is the right choice to ensure that your public alert siren will be installed in compliance with municipal, provincial and federal regulations, leaving you and your population feeling confident.

Groupe CLR distributes and installs Federal Signal products, a leader in innovative equipment, signalling products and communication and safety systems, providing world-class industrial equipment suitable for all situations in the field of major industrial risk management or preventive alerting of routine operations to ensure the safety of workers, first responders and our communities.

Rely on a turnkey service:

Design and integration

Sale and installation

Ambient noise study (in collaboration with SoftDb)


Electromechanical Siren


Electronic Siren

MOD Series


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Sirens are essential for industry and municipalities in a variety of situations.

• Arena refrigeration system

• Chlorine water treatment plant

• Large refrigerated warehouses (meat, fish, brewery)

• Preventive warnings: pre-blast warnings for mines, floods, etc.

• Papermills and other companies that use toxic products such as chlorine, ammonia, chlorine dioxide, sulphur dioxide, etc.

• Fertilizer manufacturers

FC and UV controllers with DSA and MOD speaker arrays are complete siren systems that can be rapidly deployed in municipalities and industrial parks to effectively warn people of an emergency. This suite of electronic sirens has a decibel output range from 102 to 130 dBc, with different programmable steady or fast wails, and other voice messages or instructions.


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Federal Signal’s outdoor electronic sirens are of the highest quality and reliability.

Play it safe!