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Réseaux de transmission de données sans fil

Nous savons que les besoins en matière de réseau de transmission de données sans fil sont variés, c'est pourquoi vous pouvez compter sur notre équipe pour vous offrir une solution adaptée sur mesure qui sera répondre à vos exigences.

De l'automatisation de votre machinerie, au maintien d'une connexion continue entre vos applications dans un environnement difficile d'accès, jusqu'à l'installation de lien de redondance afin d'assurer le maintien d'une connexion internet en tout temps ou d'un système d'antenne distribuée (DAS) pour maximiser la couverture et la capacité du réseau LTE - Groupe CLR offre des solutions basées sur vos besoins grâce à notre éventail de produits des marques les plus renommées dans le domaine: Rajant Corporation et Cambium Networks.

different solutions

Mesh Network

A mesh network enables interoperability between several stations, fixed or mobile, connected to each other without a central hierarchy. The connection can be either LAN or WAN (Internet). This way, each device always obtains the best available wireless connection between multiple system assets.

The Benefits of Mesh Networking:

- Provides extended coverage in hard-to-reach environments using all deployed devices.

- Each device with access to the main network creates a bridge for assets that do not have direct access to it.

Mesh Network

Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PTmP)

Point-to-point (and point-to-multipoint) technology enables the wireless transmission of data from one building to another, or from on geographical site to another.

This solution is used, for example, to facilitate communication between your teams and employees, or to share data and applications between sites via a secure private network. Point-to-point is ideal for optimizing your company's productivity.



Redundancy Link

In many sectors of operation, maintaining a functional Internet link at all times is essential to the smooth running of the business. Our redundancy link solution enables your company to avoid heavy losses caused by a lack of connectivity.

Mobile Telecommunication Unit

Groupe CLR offers mobile unit installation, enabling rapid deployment of a wireless radio communication station at a strategic location.

These can be powered by solar panels, wind generators or simply mains power.

The Benefits:

- Its mobility means you can deploy or redeploy wherever your business takes you.

- A complete, functional communication system ready for use anywhere.

- Space-saving, small trailer towable by van.

- Activate communications from a single switch.

- No technical knowledge is required for deployment.

Private LTE Wireless Network

A private LTE wireless network creates an environment where all your assets, from the office to the construction site, are one. With this type of network, all office applications are available on the worksite, and connectivity includes staff, vehicles and all your fixed assets. The long range of LTE allows for extensive geographical coverage that fixed mesh access points or Wi-Fi could not. The resulting operational efficiency can revolutionize the way you work.

Distribued Antenna System (DAS)

Maximize wireless coverage in any building or location with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), designed to meet the specifications of any network, even in the most challenging environments.

Bridging the Gaps in Wireless Coverage

Solve network coverage and capacity issues with a DAS solution that delivers reliable, high-quality cellular voice and data coverage. With a common network infrastructure designed and implemented throughout your property, Groupe CLR serves as a single point of contact for the owner and wireless service providers, and relies on consistent processes to ensure optimal wireless connectivity for all.


- A fiber-rich solution, ready for 5G.

- Optimized wireless infrastructure.

- Fully manage network with 24/7 monitoring and support for maximum service availability.

- Committed to delivering the best solution for every property.

Benefits of our Turnkey Solution

As experts in wireless infrastructure, we work with you to optimize coverage requirements and manage everything to do with network infrastructure, from initial planning and site design to implementation, monitoring and maintenance.

Our solution offers:

- Flexibility. We take full responsibility for all project elements and processes, allowing you to focus on other business priorities;

- Dedicated experts who work seamlessly to ensure a consistent, end-to-end wireless experience for your subscribers.

- Peace of mind. We share your goal of providing a consistent, seamless experience to your subscribers when transitioning from outdoor to indoor coverage.