The dispatch of emergency calls: An unknown yet essential job!

The dispatch of emergency calls: An unknown yet essential job!

September 3rd, 2021

We would like to acknowledge with great pride the exceptional work of our dispatch team at the 911 emergency call centre for their intervention on August 28th. During a fire at 7e Rue de la Pointe in Shawinigan, a man’s life was saved with the help of clear instructions, continuous information and the calm of the members of our dispatch team. As captain Samuel St-Onge of the Association des Pompiers et des Pompières pointed out: “Tonight, the teamwork of all involved made a difference.” He added that locating the man would have been much more difficult without the help of our staff. We are extremely proud of our team who executed their work in an exceptional way.

Our central emergency call service (SCAU) is the largest private 911 centre in Quebec. Serving a population of more than 425,000 people spread over 88 cities and regional county municipalities (MRCs) as well as 5 unorganized territories, our staff efficiently performs the primary dispatch of calls placed to 911 as well as the secondary dispatch for the various fire departments in these same localities.

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Crédit image: Association des Pompiers et Pompières de Shawinigan