About SRAD Communications

The very last addition to Groupe CLR, SRAD Communications is a long time established and renowned company involved in every aspect of wireless communications since 1993, founded by two passionate individuals : Mrs. Lyne Samson and Mr. Jean-Claude Lessard.

A little bit of history

SRAD Communications has been involved in radiocommunications as a Official Supplier for Kenwood products, offering a rental service and as a repair service for the brand.

SRAD Communications is also a very active member of the OnQ system, operating the first interprovincial network in Canada, since 2012. Through out the years we have deployed one of the most important network of antennas linked to our own digital network using Nexedge technology of Kenwood.

SRAD Communication is proud of the reputation that we have built with our customers, by providing benchmark products and services in our industry.


Our mission is to be the reference provider for our customers, regarding all their telecommunications needs. We offer custom solutions that are adapted to you're specific needs.

Wheter your business is construction, transportation, municipal or Government, regardless of the size of your business, Groupe CLR/SRAD Communications will be there for you.

SRAD Communication

a new strength for Groupe CLR

During spring 2021, Groupe CLR has acquired the radiocommunication division of SRAD Communications, company established in Laval Québec since 1993. Groupe CLR keep up tempo with is growth plan and this is an important step to increase and consolidate Groupe CLR position in their own market. SRAD Communications offers a large variety of products and services, from small business to large facilities and premium technologies for the north shore of Montreal.