NX-5200/5300/5400 Kenwood

Portable Two-Way Radio

The NX-5200/5300/5400 portable two-way radios in Kenwood’s NX-5000 Series offer unrivalled interoperability for a wide variety of users as they support three digital platforms – NXDN, DMR and P25 (Phase 1 & 2) – as well as FM analog in a single radio. The NX-5200/5300/5400 portable radios are available in two programmable configurations: models without keypads, and models with keypads. Regardless of the model, they feature a four-way directional pad (D-PAD) and a two-position lever switch.

    • Built-in GPS
    • Integrated Bluetooth module
    • Built-in 56-bit DES encryption
    • Optional 256-bit AES encryption
    • MIL-STD-810 & IP67/68 rated
    • VHF/UHF/700-800 MHz

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