The perfect solution for all your needs can be on a regular or ad hoc basis.


Equipment Rental

Your communication equipment is needed continuously or sporadically? Leasing is for you! Take advantage of the latest communication technologies, without any worries concerning the purchase and the maintenance of your equipment.

Rental Benefits

Short and/or long term agreements

24/7 service and support

Technical support on all our solutions

Available for a wide range of equipment

No inventory management

Tax-deductions on every rental fee

Verification and maintenance of your equipment

Equipment upgrade during contract available



The Right Equipment
Specific to your needs, at Groupe CLR, all the major brands - Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and more - are available at the same place. We have in stock all the main models from the most renown brands.

2-way portable or mobile radio systems
Satellite phones
Radio-phones services on our pre-established networks for outback areas. Contact us for inquiries on our territorial coverage maps.

The Ideal Solution

for Event


Every major event requires instant, reliable communication between all key players. Groupe CLR has the expertise and equipment to lead your event to success.

• Radios for every type of event

• On-site technical support

• On-time and fast delivery


And leave Group CLR take care of the rest !