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Groupe CLR is part of a radiocommunication partnership, with other retailers from Quebec and Ontario, that form the OnQ Group. OnQ operates the largest digital network in North America which provides clear communication from Windsor, Ontario to Quebec. Groupe CLR is proud to announce that its company now controls the entirety of the province of Quebec's territory on the OnQ map.

The digital protocol with which OnQ is equipped allows for important advantages over analog technologies such as: roaming, advanced features, extended coverage, a confidential and private network, as well as group and individual calls, and more.

Extended Network

Internet network

(Available at the Lévis office only)

Groupe CLR is able to offer you an internet service by terrestrial waves thanks to its network of more than 70 sites covering a vast territory in the greater Quebec City region and its surroundings. Our equipment of superior quality is supported by a network that is always monitored remotely, which prevents any breakage.