Keep control of your operation,
wherever you are.

Telemetry and broadband


Telemetry allows you and your business to remotely measure, monitor, and control data or even a set of variable data from one or several control access points.

Measure your world

Measurate a mechanical system like the speed and the action of a pump

Measure temperatures

Keep track of your specialized vehicles

Control all your operations remotely




you are

Access all of your system's key information, wherever you are.
All control points alarms can be redirected to:

Handheld or mobile radio
Control console
Cell phone, SMS
Any other device using radio frequencies or IP Connection


your day-to-day activities!


Groupe CLR, in partnership with PBE Mining Solutions, offers mining industry specific solutions, including communications, security, remote monitoring and control of mining facilities all around the world.

• Voice and data communications systems through leaky feeder

• Proximity Alert System (PAS) for mining vehicles

• Vehicle, staff and equipment tracking

• Pump and ventilation

• Gas detection system

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